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Temple sits five miles northwest of Farmington. A dynamic bedroom community that is literally at the �end of the road.� Roads are confined to the eastern section of town, with no through roads to other areas. The joke is that you can get into Temple, but not out. That doesn't matter to mostTemple residents, who find the beautiful isolation alluring.

Temple has many writers, artists and poets, among them Steve Bull, the well-known Franklin Journal columnist and humor writer.

Temple Stream, which runs into Farmington, is a tributary of the Sandy River and offers opportunities for canoeing and sight seeing. Varnum Pond and Santa Claus Lake are also noteworthy attractions.

Spectacular views can be had from the Intervale Road of Day Mountain, Tater Mountain and the rolling foothills.

The Temple Town Park and historical society are among the local attractions, and the Town Hall is the central meeting place.

Temple was named for Temple, N. H., home town of the early settlers.

There are active Little League and Farm League baseball teams and a historical society. A volunteer recreation committee plans other youth activities.

Temple offers ample hiking, boating and other outdoor recreational activities.

Town profile: Incorporated in 1803; 560 residents. It sits 5 miles west of Farmington.
Town offices: Located on Route 43. 778-6680. Open 3-5pm and 6-8:30pm Mon. and 9-11am Tues.
Selectmen: Mon. at 7pm, town office.
Planning Board: Meets as needed.
Elections: Held at the town office in March.
Taxes: $19.50 on $1,000 of valuation.
Snow removal: Town
Animal Shelter: Franklin County, 778-2638
Ambulance: 911 (emergency only)
Fire: 911 (emergency only).
Fire Chief: George Andrews, 778-4266.
Police: 911 (emergency only)
Sheriff¹s Office: 778-9891.
Town Clerk: Marie Andrews, 778-4266.


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